Managing the spread, treatment and long-term impacts of the novel coronavirus is a global issue. National, regional and local governments are at the forefront of the response. But NGOs and mining companies are uniquely positioned to work with governments and take a leadership role in addressing COVID-19 responses globally.

The objective of this web page is to share information and about the ways DI members and other organizations in our network are responding to COVID-19 globally and encourage cross-sector collaboration. This content was developed based on responses to the DI COVID-19 Response Plan Survey, a review of public information as well as one-on-one interviews and focus groups. You can read the full discussion paper here.The DI respects Chatham House Rules. When an organization’s name has been included, the information has been pulled from a public source or the organization has approved it. The impact of and response to COVID-19 is fluid and changing on a daily basis. The information on this web page is based on organizations initial response. Our efforts will evolve and change as the reality on the ground changes.


A co-ordinated, transparent, cross-sector response to COVID-19 is required. However, during the initial phase of the response, most cross-sector activity has been ad-hoc. Regional and national governments should co-ordinate the response effort, however mining companies and NGOs can show leadership and encourage a collaborative approach. No person, company, NGO or government will be unaffected by the impacts of COVID-19. We must all be involved in preventing the virus from spreading, treating people who become infected and rebuilding our social and economic systems when the virus has been controlled.

There are several interconnected elements that influence an organizations strategy for developing their COVID-19 response.

  • Operations 

  • Planning 

  • Community Engagement 

  • Communication and Information Sharing

Past experience with pandemics and emergency response indicates that a collaborative approach is essential to preventing and treating COVID-19. A collaborative approach will also be required to support people who have been impacted and rebuild social and economic systems when COVID-19 is controlled. Collaboration can focus on different activities, including data and information sharing; collaborative response planning and formal partnerships and joint ventures to implement responses.

COVID DI Collaboration.png

COVID-19 response plans include several specific issue areas.  We have grouped them into several categories.

COVID DI Issue Areas.png


In order to support a coordinated, transparent and cross-sector response mining companies and NGOs should: 


1. Connect with governments, peers and organizations from other sectors to co-ordinate your response to COVID-19. If these networks are not established, use industry associations, the Devonshire Initiative, the Canadian Government and media outlets to find relevant contact information and build relationships.


2. Share plans, case studies, data and experiences publicly. Post your organizations response to your website and provide specific contact details for organizations that want to touch base. Be clear about what resources you need and / or have.


3. Leverage your organization’s leadership, reputation and individual relationships to build a cross-sector network. Reinforce best practice and the importance of protecting and respecting human rights.


4. Develop partnerships to contribute to the response effort. Leverage your resources and strengths to support organizations and governments that are best placed to lead the response effort locally.

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