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Improving Social Performance Disclosure

Social Performance is the term we use to describe how a company manages the impacts it has on local communities. In the mining sector, this includes sharing benefits like job opportunities and tax revenue, mitigating negative impacts to the environment or community and engaging with various stakeholders and rightsholders at a local level.  

The DI led  a multi-stakeholder dialogue and research project on how companies, investors and NGOs collect and share information about social performance. The objective of the project is to investigate why current disclosures are not adequately providing insight on a company’s social performance. This includes changes to community well-being and the quality of the relationships between company and community. 

This project focused on company disclosures but also relied on the expertise and insight from a broad set of stakeholders including people who specialize in monitoring, evaluations and disclosures from non-profit organizations, social practitioners, investors and financiers and grass roots community groups. 

Findings from the dialogue and research are summarized in this report.  

Social Performance Disclosure in the Mining Sector
August 2022
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