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DI Workshops and Events
  • DI Workshop on Community-led Restoration and Natural Resource Development. May 12, 9AM - 4PM, Toronto.
  • DI In-Person Workshop. September, 2022. Ottawa.  
  • DI In-Person Workshop. June 13, 2022 - 2PM - 5PM, Toronto.
  • DI Cross-Sector Collaboration Training. Module 3 and 4. June 8th and 9th, 2021.  
  • DI Cross-Sector Collaboration Training. Module 1 and 2. May 3rd and 4th, 2021.  
  • Integrating Children's Rights into Responsible Mining Practices with UNICEF Canada and Pan American Silver Webinar. April 13th, 2021. 
  • DI Cross-Sector Collaboration Training. Module 3 and 4. Peru. March 2021. 
  • DI Cross-Sector Collaboration Training. Module 1 and 2. Peru. February 2021. 
  • DI Webinar: Responsible Mining Foundation and the SDGs. January 2020. 
  • DI Cross-Sector Collaboration Training. Module 1 and 2. December 2020. 
  • DI Webinar: UN Decade for Ecosystems Restoration. December 2020. 
  • DI & CRC Human Rights and COVID Webinar. September 9, 2020.  

  • DI & CRC Social Investment and COVID Webinar. August 26, 2020. Summary Report

  • DI & CRC Engagement and COVID Webinar. July 29, 2020. Summary Report

  • DI Member COVID-19 Response Webinar. May 28, 2020.  Summary Report. *If you'd like to see a recording of the webinar please get in touch.

  • Beyond Zero Harm 2.0 Scoping Workshop. February 28, 2020. Toronto. Summary Report


  • Moving forward Gender Equality. October 24th, 2019. Toronto.

  • Collaborating with Local Governments for Inclusive Community Development with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Intergovernmental Forum. Members Workshop. May 29th, 2019. Ottawa. 

  • Community-led Visioning.  Members Workshop. April 10th, 2019. Toronto. ​

  • Exploring the IFC Gender Toolkit. Discussion with GAC and IFC. April 1st, 2019. Ottawa.   

  • Exploring the IFC Gender Toolkit. Discussion with IFC. April 2nd, 2019. Toronto.  

  • DI CEO Summit. February 5th, 2019. Toronto. 


  • Tools for Scaling Livelihoods and Economic Development. Members Workshop. October 25th, 2018. Toronto. 

  • Shared Space Under Pressure. A Q&A with Bennett Freeman. October 15th, 2018. Toronto. 

  • Gender Equality and engagement. Member Workshop. May 31st, 2018. Ottawa. 

  • The Role of the Private Sector in Contexts of Fragility and Conflict. Presentation from CDACollaboration. April 12, 2018. Toronto.

  • Measuring Outcomes. Members Workshop and AGM. March 2, 2018. Toronto.



  • Collaborating with the Enemy. Members Workshop with Adam Kahane and Reos Partners. December 5, 2017. Toronto

  • Tools for Inclusive Engagement. Members Workshop. December 1, 2017. Toronto.

  • Collaboration for Improved Development Outcomes. Members Workshop. June 27th, 2017. Ottawa.

  • Advancing Gender Equality. Member Workshop. February 24th, 2017. Toronto.



  • 2016 DI CEO Summit: Advancing Gender Equality. December 5th, 2016. Toronto

  • Measuring Social Change: Challenges, Trends & New Approaches. Members Workshop. October 27th, 2016. Toronto.  

  • Financing for Development: Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges of New Financing Instruments & Mechanisms. Members Workshop. June 27th, 2016. Ottawa.

  • PDAC Roundtable on Transparency, Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue and Capacity Building as Drivers of Strengthen Local Governance. March 9th, 2016. Toronto. 

  • Sectoral Trends, Policy Priorities & Mapping Mining to the SDGs. Members Workshop. February 1st, 2016. Toronto.



  • 2015 DI CEO Summit: Sustainable Development - A View from the Boardroom. November 19th, 2015. Toronto.

  • Community Perspectives & Community Engagement: How do you work with vulnerable and marginalized groups to ensure their perspectives are included? Members Workshop. October 15th, 2015. Toronto. 

  • Security & Human Rights in Complex Environments.  DCAF & ICRC Presentation. September 29th, 2015. Toronto.

  • A Focus on Evaluation: Building a learning culture and adaptive approach to development partnerships. Members Workshop. June 23rd, 2015. Ottawa.

  • Examining the Evolving Roles of NGOs and Mining Companies as Development Actors. Member Workshop. February 27th, 2015. Toronto.



  • Confronting Shared Value: Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges of the New Paradigm to Social and Business Value Creation. Conference. December 3-4, 2014. Hosted in collaboration with Norton Rose LLP and Deloitte. Toronto.

  • 2014 DI CEO Summit: Collaboration through Transformation, Stories from the Field. October 6, 2014. Toronto. 

  • The Art and Science of Partnership Brokering. Skills Building Session with Ros Tennyson, PBAS. October 7, 2014. Toronto.

  • Human Rights Initiatives in Papua New Guinea with White Ribbon Campaign & Barrick Gold. Presentation. September 22nd, 2014. Toronto.

  • Mining, Development & Local Government Capacity. Member Workshop. June 25, 2014. Ottawa. 

  • A Conversation with Professor John Ruggie, author of the UN Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights. March 27, 2014. Toronto. 

  • Current Practices in Partnering & New Initiatives. Member Workshop. February 27, 2014. Toronto. Hosted by Save the Children. 



  • Mining & Local Economic Development: Procurement, Supply Chains, and Local Business Linkages. December 9, 2013. Toronto. Hosted by Plan Canada. 

  • Moving the Yardstick: Sustainable Development Through Innovative Collaboration and Shared Value. Member Workshop. 
    November 6 and 7, 2013. Co-convened with Deloitte. Hosted by Norton Rose Fulbright Canada. Toronto. 

  • Mining and Tuberculosis: Challenges and Opportunities for a Multistakeholder Approach to Community Health and Development. October 22, 2013. Ottawa. Hosted by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

  • 2013 DI CEO Summit. September 19, 2013. Toronto. Hosted by Heenan Blaikie LLP

  • Natural Resources, the Private Sector and Development: Taking Stock of Strategy, Policy, and Programming. Member Workshop. July 30, 2013. Hosted by CARE Canada. 

  • Due Diligence in Industry-NGO Partnerships. Members Workshop. May 31, 2013. Toronto. Hosted by Save the Children Canada.

  • Cross-Sector Partnering: Lessons Learned. Members Workshop. April 18, 2013. Convened in association with the Responsible Mineral Sector Initiative’s GEMM 2013 Dialogue at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.

  • Communicating Partnerships: Speaking publicly to the value of cross-sector collaboration. Members Workshop. April 15, 2013. Hosted by Plan Canada.

  • Building Dialogue with Communities Around Mining Projects: A Conversation Between the Latin American Dialogue Group and the Devonshire Initiative. March 7, 2013. Toronto. Hosted by Ryerson University.



  • Looking back, looking forward: What have we learned from cross-sector partnerships? Members Workshop. December 14th, 2012. Toronto. Hosted by UNICEF Canada

  • Measuring Socioeconomic Development Impact: Perspectives from Industry, NGO and Academia. Members Workshop. September 20th, 2012. Hosted by Save the Children.

  • DI Outreach Meeting in Ottawa: A Roundtable Discussion on NGO operational issues related to working with extractives. July 26th, 2012. Ottawa. Hosted by Care Canada

  • Mining and the Environment: From Pre-Construction Assessments to Mine Closures, a Look at the Critical Environmental Issues in Mining. Presentation. March 22nd, 2012. Toronto. Hosted by Save the Children. 



  • Human Rights: Challenges & Strategies in Dealing with Gender Based Violence & Operationalizing the Ruggie Principles. Member Workshop. October 2011. Toronto. Hosted by Ryerson University

  • 2011 DI CEO Summit. Partnerships for Development: Looking to the Future of Multi-Stakeholder Public-Private Partnerships. With guest speakers the Honourable Bev Oda & Ian Smillie. September 29, 2011. Toronto.

  • Host Country Governance Capacity Building: Improving Outcomes and Opportunities for Multistakeholder Collaboration. Member Workshop. January 2011. Toronto.



  • Building on CSR Partnerships: Expanding Collaboration Beyond the Business-Civil Society Relationship. Member Workshop. September 2010. Ottawa. 

  • DI 2010 CEO Summit. Working in High Risk Emerging Markets: Canadian Experience, Best Practice & the Way Forward. With guest speakers Louis Guay, Robert Fowler & Luc Zandvlie. June 2010. Toronto.

  • Managing the Risks & the Benefits of Partnering. Members Workshop. March 2010. Toronto.

  • Conflict Sensitivity Explored: A hands-on tool for industry operating in emerging markets – in partnership with PDAC, World Vision, CDA. Members Workshop. April 2010. Toronto. 



  • Canadian Government CSR Strategy, Formalizing the DI. Member Workshop. December 2009. Toronto

  • Sharing Best Practices in Community Engagement: Views from the NGO and mining sectors. Members Workshop. June 2009.  Ottawa.



  • Building Canadian Capacity for Partnering. Members Workshop. April 2008. Toronto.

  • Devonshire Initiative Pilot: Field Visit to Breakwater Resources El Mochito Mine, HondurasApril 2008, Honduras.



  • The Challenges of Real World Development: A Case Study Approach. Members Workshop. October 2007. Toronto.

  • Driving Canadian Leadership in the Extractive Sector in Emerging Markets. Members Workshop. June 2007. Toronto. 

  • The Kimberley Process. Initial Workshop. March 2007. Toronto.

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