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Focus Areas

Over the years, the DI has facilitated multi-stakeholder discussions about many topics. We are currently focused on the areas listed below. If you're interested in learning more or being part of our discussions get in touch.

The DI is leading a multi-stakeholder dialogue and research project on how companies, investors and NGOs collect and share information about social performance. The objective of this project is to investigate why current disclosures are not adequately providing insight on a company’s social performance. This includes changes to community well-being and the quality of the relationships between company and community.


You can learn more about the project here.  

For many years, DI members have explored methods for understanding and measuring community well-being in the mining context. In 2016, the DI members (with contributions from may other great organizations) published the Beyond Zero Harm Framework as part of this discussion. In recent years the DI community updated the framework and published an updated version in 2022. 

The Community Well-Being and Mining Framework (also known as the CommWell Framework) is a participatory process for discussing, defining, measuring and analyzing community well-being. The Framework supports a multi-stakeholder process to define and collect data on community well-being in the mining context. It acts as a catalyst for various stakeholders to plan and coordinate development initiatives in the mining context and meet the Sustainable Development Goals.


You can learn more about it here

DI members are focused on 2 main questions as it relates to gender equality. 

  • How do we support and encourage gender equality outside the fence in the mining context?

  • How do social, political and economic systems influence that?

In May 2018, DI members met in Ottawa to discuss gender equality and the role of NGOs, governments and companies in driving gender equality. You can find the meeting report here

In July 2022, DI members studied four GAC funded projects to identify lessons learned for other sectors to promote gender equity in the mining context. You can find the report here

Managing the spread, treatment and long-term impacts of COVID-19 is a global issue. National, regional and local governments are at the forefront of the response. But NGOs and mining companies are uniquely positioned to work with governments and take a leadership role in addressing COVID-19 responses globally.  The DI has hosted several discussions about the challenges and opportunities for mining impacted communities. 

Visit our COVID-19 Page here

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