Beyond Zero Harm

The Beyond Zero Harm Framework (BZH) is a participatory process for discussing, defining, measuring and analyzing community well-being. The framework was created by a group of participants from mining companies, civil society organizations and academics, many of whom are members of the Devonshire Initiative.


The initial  BZH Framework was designed to address gaps in the collection of consistent and meaningful data on community well-being in any community, but is specifically applicable in locations where mining companies operate. The multi-stakeholder process on which the BZH Framework is based also aims to shift how companies participate in community development dialogue more broadly.


This version of the BZH framework was developed in 2015. It represents a ‘beta version’ for piloting and testing (BZH version 1.1).


The working group is currently developing BZH 2.0 based on lessons learned from BZH pilots. We are also more clearly aligning the indicators with the SDGs. If you would like to join the working groups send us an email.




BZH 1.0 Appendix


BZH Framework.PNG

BZH 1.0 Framework


BZH Indicators.JPG

BZH 1.0 Indicators


BZH Houeshold Survey.JPG